How Much Does it Cost

Website Design Cost

Every website is different, so giving an exact price guide for our services is difficult. When working out a price all aspects are taken into account, the graphics, company logos, overall layout, amount of text, number of pages etc. We judge each website individually.

Our costs are based on the following guide lines:

Design and layout of 1st page to customers requirements - £75 each there after £25 - £35, a typical site of 5 to 8 pages including "Contact Us", "About Us" etc. would be £250 to £350.

CMS management system extra £50 per site.

An e-commerce site selling products on line starts at £450, linking to all major payment portals, including Paypal, Worldpay etc.

On screen enquiry forms asking visitors for name, telephone, email, and comments etc. - £55.

Free optimisation and search engine registration - (Google, Lycros,Yahoo, etc.) Domain name registration (i.e. www.your- - £12 - £15 for two years.

Web hosting (space on the internet where your website resides) - £40 - £50 for one year depending on requirements. In some cases free hosting can be offered.

With our guidance we prefer customers to purchase their own domain name & hosting, this way the customer has full control over their website keeping our future involvement to a minimum. This method also allows you to take your website to any designer in the future.

Updates and alterations £15 - £25 per page. A discount is given for websites with 10 or more pages. We also offer a fixed payment scheme of £15 - £50 per month depending on design of site.

Consultations are free and this is by far the most important consideration as we can sit down and discuss in detail your future website, this will include customer input and we will of course give you advice, and answer any questions that you might have.

We will then be in better position to give you an accurate costing.

Design takes anywhere between one to six weeks depending on customer needs.

And finally if you do decide to go ahead there are no contracts to sign and you can terminate our agreement at any time.